On 12/08/2011 05:13 PM, Calvin Morrison wrote:


You could upload them to our git tree. I also have PKGBUILDs ready Trinity that are available in the AUR and we can collaborate. I'd rather not duplicate our work.

I could upload to git, but I will need help on how to do that.  I haven't used git so I will need instruction to do so.

Collaboration would be great,  no sense in everyone doing the same thing.

Along those lines may I suggest that a developer area is setup somewhere on a trinty servers that has the following info by package

1.    Package name to be built
2.    All the dependency packages used to build the package at this time.
3.    The configure parameters etc.
4.     How it was built.

Have a look at linux from scratch as an example.

This way all the various packagers will know what packages build, what doesn't currently build  and how to go about building them.
It would also help as it could be the "standard" build so as to correct errors on the various distro platforms.
This way if someone is trying to build a package and it doesn't work you then know that it is platform problem and not with cmake or the source etc.