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Month: December 2011

Problem with KMail 1.9.9

From: Lisi <lisi.reisz@...>
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 18:30:15 +0000
I am switching my husband from Thunderbird to KMail, as I would rather have 
him on KMail.  But I have promised him that I will make it look as similar as 
possible to what he is used to, so that nothing that he does needs to be 
different.  I know his way of working, and this is achievable.  Except....

Except for my current problem.  Yesterday I started to set KMail up, and made 
a few entries before I had to go.  Today I switched off the favourite folders 
pane, went to carry on setting up where I left off - and noticed that there 
was no inbox.  Obviously I can create a folder called Inbox, but it puts 
itself at the bottom of the default folders list with a standard folder icon, 
instead of at the top of them with the inbox icon.

Furthermore, the few settings I entered yesterday have disappeared. :-(

PEBKAC is a definite possibility, given that I haven't been well and am on a 
large dose of a strong antibiotic, but even if it is my fault, I still need 
to put it right.

I have tried to purge and then install, but that seemed to intend to remove 
most of the desktop.  So I ran aptitude reinstall.  Nothing changed.  I ran 
aptitude autoclean, aptitude reinstall, no joy.  I then went on to Google.  
There was lots on disappearing emails, but nothing on disappearing folders.  
And that was after I had managed to get rid of most of the KDE4 stuff.

So, help!!