On Thursday 29 December 2011 06:45:15 Timothy Pearson wrote:

> The entire server at mirror.its.uidaho.edu (hosting multiple FOSS

> projects) was suddenly taken permanently offline by its owner, and the

> secondary TDE mirror was taken down silently without my knowledge.

Do we yet have a more accurate estimate of when TDE will be available? My husband's computer has died, and I have talked him into Squeeze+TDE on his replacement machine.

I was hoping to be able to have his machine up and running for when he gets back home on Monday afternoon (i.e. Monday 2nd January a.m. in the States). Is that a realistic ambition? I could, of course, install Lenny and KDE 3.5.10, but that would be rather a pity at this stage. I could give him LXDE or xfce4 for a few days, but that would not be a popular decision. :-(