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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Trinity and KMail was: Re: [trinity-users] Re: quanta problem WAS how to get rid of old KDE packages?

From: "Mag. Dr. Nikolaus Klepp" <office@...>
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2012 10:32:01 +0100
Am Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012 schrieb Lisi:
> On Monday 02 January 2012 15:12:16 Mag. Dr. Nikolaus Klepp wrote:
> > Lisi, I put all *trinity*-files from my /var/cache/apt/archive on �
> > - it's 150MB, just what I installed, but
> > it contains kmail. Upload will finish in 2 hours. Help yourself :-)
> Nik, I don't like to trespass further on your kindness, but I am getting
> nowhere.  I have downloaded the .deb for kmail-trinity (I thought) and went
> to install it (dpkg -i), but apparently it is not the .deb, and needs a
> link to an archive.

could you check the md5sum of the deb you downloaded? On my side both - the 
deb from my webspace and the local copy - have the same md5sum. 

dbcf407f4bac5abe541aea7599d3a99c  /var/cache/apt/archives/kmail-trinity_4%3a3.5.13-0debian9+r1258263+pr10~squeeze_i386.deb

could you please post a copy of the dpkg error message?

on the other hand, kmail has a bunch of dependencies, which you have to 
download and install manually (but I think you know that already).