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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-users] PyKDE3 build fails - Missing kdeversion.h

From: Mike Howard <mike@...>
Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2012 16:39:32 +0000
On 06/01/2012 17:20, Darrell Anderson wrote:
>> As per the wiki (,
>> it seems that python-kde3 source has been removed from
>> Trinity. I've therefore built SIP and PyQt from upstream but
>> PyKDE (3.16.7) fails, complaining it can't find
>> kdeversion.h, which doesn't exist on my system (building
>> from git).
>> Am I doing something stupid? Apologies if this is a stupid
>> question.
> The short answer is that kdeversion.h has been renamed to tdeversion.h. :) The longer answer is to browse the mailing list discussions of the past couple of days. I have been asking for clarification on the build process in order to update the wiki.
> Hopefully Tim confirms this specific reply, but in a previous statement he said Trinity packages now replace PyQt3 and PyKDE3. Here are my most recent proposed changes for the wiki, which I have not yet posted:
Thank you for your very detailed response and the information it 
contained. I decided, after your post to start from scratch (I'm using 
this as a learning exercise) but even with your info I'm still having 
problems marrying the QT/TQT thing.

I've installed TQt (qt3-3.5.13.tar.gz source) into /opt/qt, tqtinterface 
into /usr, dbus-tqt & dbus-1-tqt (both with --prefix /usr), sip4-tqt 
and  tqscintilla.

python-tqt however seems to be confused about what is installed and 
where. More than likely my configuration that's causing the problem!


'python' results in 'Error: No TQt libraries could be found 
in /opt/qt/lib'
'python -q /usr' results in 'Error: Unable to open 

etc, etc.

Obviously I don't need to build python-tqt but I would like to get a 
better understanding of what's going wrong.