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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-users] K Menu - kicker crash

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 16:22:16 -0600
> I'm a little confused now so please bear with me, or just ignore me as
> you choose :)
> I'm not at all sure where libart comes into my equation. I have
> libart-2.0-2 & libart-2.0-dev installed on my system, as debs, but  not
> libart-lgpl. Nor does libart-lgpl appear in the stable sources, except
> as an almost empty sub-folder of konstruct/libs or in apt on either
> Squeeze or Wheezy.
> So, as a layman, what am I missing? I did say I was confused.

libart-2.0-2 is what you want installed, but it should be installed from
the link that I posted earlier in this thread.  Older versions of this
package can cause a SIGABRT (a crash in layman's terms) due to a bug in
this library.

>  From a Wheezy point of view, yes, it's not marked as stable, but
> waiting for debian stable is like waiting for a bus on a Sunday.
> Besides, having experienced this build from source of 3.5.13, being
> marked as stable doesn't mean it really is stable. No insult or slight
> intended :)

None taken.  I can only say that in my experience, Squeeze is rock solid
(with TDE as well), whereas Wheezy won't even compile TDE completely on
armel due to mysterious segfaults in (non-TDE) core libraries. 
Additionally, Wheezy has some other problems that manifest as a lockup of
build chroots.  I have had it with Wheezy for now and won't support TDE on
Wheezy until Debian at least has the guts to mark it stable. :-)

And I fully understand that Stable isn't always stable, but at least
instability reports will be taken seriously after that moniker is applied.

I have personally experienced the frustration of waiting for Debian
releases (hence my usage of Ubuntu on most of my servers), so I can
understand why people are trying to "jump the gun" and use Wheezy before
it is ready.  On the other hand TDE has enough problems (just due to its
size and complexity) that I don't need to be fighting prerelease
distribution-specific problems on top of the bugs in the TDE source.