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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-users] K Menu - kicker crash

From: Mike Howard <mike@...>
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2012 20:38:23 +0000
On 15/01/2012 18:31, Darrell Anderson wrote:
>> <snip>
>> Anyway, I'm not complaining just learning.
> Mike, join the club with respect to learning. :) I joined this project before 3.5.12 was released. I have learned much! Part of the learning has been a challenge. At times frustrating. Yet I am learning leaps and bounds. I'm teaching myself C++ right now. Of late I am learning a thing or two about how cmake works. Although I have only superficial knowledge of C++, I have submitted more than a few patches. I think I am actually having fun, but am too old and stubborn to admit as much. ;)
> I'll add some observations that help me. None of these thoughts are directed to you. I'm just rambling out loud.
> * Software is a moving target. Frustratingly so. Testing known stable software in a known untested or unstable environment, means shouldering the responsibility to find solutions. Ask questions like crazy but let others know that they are not the crazy one. :)
> * Always check the bugzilla before posting bug or build related questions.
> * Always check the web before posting bug or build related questions.
> * Ask, ask, ask.
> * There are only a few people working to keep Trinity going. That can be frustrating at times so I always "count to 10" before posting anything to the lists. We all have lives, families, responsibilities. We all need a large dose of patience to keep this project running.
> * If no solutions, then post a bug report or enhancement request. I do. Often. :)
> * Everybody involved is a creature of limited knowledge. That is a hard lesson I learned about life in general. We can't assume everybody knows, even subject matter experts don't know everything. When things arise like akode not being in the repository, just ask. Chances are that adding the package is as simple as asking.
> * Trinity is a continuation of the KDE3 desktop style. Packages that were not part of the original KDE3 package suite need to be added to the Trinity repository.
> * Many of us use different distros. That means each of us tests according to our limited perceptions of how our distro works. (See --- we all are creatures of limited knowledge. :) ) That means some features don't get built or tested by others. Recently Tim has been adding a WITH_ALL_OPTIONS to the cmake converted packages. That is good because everybody involved should use that option at least a few times to test the overall build process, even when they don't want to use all features for their distro.
> * Occasionally a build feature or two will slip through the proverbial cracks with an automake to cmake conversion. Just let everybody know. An example is the current discussion about FAM/GAMIN support missing in kdelibs. Remember that everybody is a creature of limited knowledge and these things will happen.
> Oh, I almost forgot --- with respect to some of the build errors you just shared, the bugs about kipi-plugins and kdevelop have patches in the bugzilla. :) I had better get off my soap box now.
> Darrell
All valid points Darrell, thanks for sharing. As I said, I really am not 
complaining, I'm actually enjoying struggling through the process, 
because I am learning.

I have been going round in circles it seems, probably because of a 
failure on my part to document what I've done along the way.

I was hoping to provide Tim with a backtrace but because I hadn't 
installed the various debugging capabilities of qt, kdelibs and kdebase 
I decided to rebuild and reinstall but ended up in the situation I was a 
number of days ago whereby kdelibs would not build. Anyway, hopefully 
that has just been caused by my ignorance (mixing QT/TQT, 
stable/unstable etc) and I'll get it sorted tonight.