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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Let's end this kind of review

From: L0ner sh4dou <sh4dou@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 00:49:59 +0100
2012/1/18 Timothy Pearson <kb9vqf@...>:
>>> I think one of the problems is manpower.I think we all
>>> agree that SRU releases are good. Backporting bugs and such.
>>> The problem is manpower.
>>> Maintainers are however free to update their distros with
>>> patches - instead of official SRU that would require
>>> creating new tarballs and a whole hell of update related
>>> issues.
>>> Why doesn't someone ( maybe you :p) create a tarball of
>>> all the patches to be applied. Then email it to the
>>> different maintainers?
>> First, I sent the message to the wrong list. Aargh! :(
>> Second, the packagers are always the ones who release new packages. All we
>> need is a decision, from Tim or as a team, that certain bug fixes are
>> deemed sufficient to constitute a point release. After such a decision
>> packagers will need to backport any related patches if they so desire. The
>> problem is not manpower, just decisions. :)
> Darrell is correct.  I would like to wait until Feb. 1st and see where the
> TDE codebase is before deciding if a point release is a good idea.  If
> majority of the bugs have been fixed by then I would suggest moving up the
> R14.0.0 release date and skipping the point release.  If not, a point
> release will most likely be needed.
I'd say that better solution might be setting a goal list to be
achieved for the next release, instead of date. Like: it will be
released when the release goals are met.

> Packagers: you can help with this by maintaining a list on the Etherpad of
> backported patches that have been included in your distributions' 3.5.13
> packages.  This will make it easier for the TDE team to weigh the cost and
> benefit of each patch when the point release decision is made.
> Tim
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