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Month: January 2012

A wish for KMail...

From: Patrick Serru <patrick@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 01:55:28 -0500
      Hi everybody,

      I use the filter for all my POP accounts:
Window "Configure KMail" -> Accounts -> Receiving messages -> Window "Edit 
Account" -> (POP account) check box "Filter messages if they are larger 
than 100 bytes".

      It opens a dialogue (see attached snapshot) with three radio buttons 
that allow, for each message, to:
- Download the message (which will then appear "normaly" in KMail)
- Leave the message on the server,
- Delete the message from the server without downloading it.
The radio button "leave on server" is checked by default, it makes sense.

      I do not know if many of us use this filter... With a limit set to 100 
bytes for all POP accounts, I can say that all messages are filtered. My 
idea is not the honor to spammers by a download. I have "bins / trash" 
email accounts where spammers have fun, and email accounts more serious. 
The problem is that there are sometimes hundreds of messages, and depending 
on the account, almost all to be downloaded or nearly all, to be thrown.

      I am interested in the title line of the table of the filter dialogue, 
the one that allows possibly, by a click, sorting of the emails by 
subjects, by senders, recipients, etc. It begins (left hand) by a green 
icon representing the columns of buttons for mails "to be downloaded". Then 
at the left of this icon, a yellow one for "mail to stay on the server". 
Finally, a red cross for "mails to be deleted from the server". My hope is 
that if I click on the green icon (first left), all the radio buttons" to 
be Downloaded" ** to be enabled (activated). Same with the red cross.

      ** One could imagine that these cliques would only work for messages 
that still have their button "keep on server" active, but we must have the 
possibility to put them back in the "leave on server" state, in case of 
click error...

      That's it. I hope that I have been clear! I know that the project is 
far from being ready for the application of this kind of wishes, but in six 
months, maybe?