Whilst this new Ctrl/Alt/Del 'feature' may have seemed like a 'Good Idea' at
the time it was not one of the original features of KDE3 and significantly
changes its behaviour.  However, it was precisely because I wanted retain the
original KDE behaviour that I switched to Trinity in the first place.

If you would like the original behaviour of KDE3.5 the code is still available from 2008. Improvements have been made. This new CTRL+ALT+DELETE features is a great security enhancement. We are the only linux desktop that supports the SAK (secure attention key) system. This helps prevent the computer being hijacked by a program with malicious intent. It is easy to disable anyhow, if you wish to remain insecure.

Now whilst I have to admit that my first post to this list has been rather
critical I'd like to emphasise that I'm not trying to flame anyone here; far
from it in fact.  So far, Trinity has been a godsend to me, enabling me to
carry on working how _I_ want to work, for which I am very greatfull indeed.
However, I do need to decide though, whether I'm going to be able to continue
using it for the foreseeable future.

Welcome! Hopefully we can work out the issues to keep you here forever :)

Calvin Morrison