On 27 January 2012 14:50, Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...> wrote:

On 27 January 2012 14:37, Timothy Pearson <kb9vqf@...> wrote:
> Hi,
> is it possible to reorder documents within kate's Documents side bar? I
> know you can sort them, but I often would like to be able to change this.
> I
> think I am just missing an obvious option.

I have often wanted to do the same thing.  My guess is that this option
was never implemented, as I never found a way to do it. :-(

It would be simple to implement as well--just add two new menu options to
the context menu (move up/move down) and a little glue logic to alter the
listview ordering.

Please file a high priority bug report on this.


Will do. I will also attempt to implement this.

it should work like regular tab switching. for example using CTRL+SHIFT+ , would move it up one CTRL+SHIFT + . would move it down.


I'm having trouble while poking at this. I am to confused how they are currently being sorted (looks like the sort(); function provided by Qt) and how to resort them.

Relevant files are: