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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-users] kaffeine-3.5.13 compilation error

From: "E. Liddell" <ejlddll@...>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 21:39:31 -0500
On Sat, 28 Jan 2012 02:36:34 +0100
"roman" <lists@...> wrote:

> Hey,
> On Fri, January 27, 2012 23:25, E. Liddell wrote:
> >
> > Roman, I just succeeded in installing kaffeine-3.5.13 to my Gentoo/Trinity
> > test VM with no errors (most optional functionality was switched off,
> > though, to reduce the size of the dependency downloads).  The ebuild is
> > a dreadful kludge, but it appears to work.  Would you like me to send
> > you a copy?
> Mhh i tried the one from kde-sunset which failed. Then i tried to compile
> from source manually which also fails. Yes, please send me a copy so i can
> figure out where i made my mistake;)

None of the kde-sunset ebuilds work for Trinity unchanged--the tarballs
don't have quite the same structure, which screws up the eclasses.

Anyway, hopefully all the attachments will come through--there should be
one ebuild and two supporting eclasses which are similar but not identical
to the corresponding eclasses from kde-sunset.  Keep in mind that I've
only compiled this with all use flags off in a test environment that has only
had Trinity installed to it, and never any version of KDE.  Hopefully
it'll work for you.