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Month: January 2012

Re: [trinity-users] kaffeine-3.5.13 compilation error

From: "roman" <lists@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2012 16:45:28 +0100
On Sun, January 29, 2012 16:38, E. Liddell wrote:
>> You are right about the organized effort.
> Yeah.  Problem is that no one seems to want the job of organizer
> (including
> me!).
Well.. i don't want it because i don't really have enough knowledge about
c/c++,cmake,automake etc.. to be competent enough.
Also the mix from automake/cmake seems to be the biggest to not
remove/rewrite the eclasses from ground up.
Maybe we should start with a clean cmake-only overlay to get things
streamlined? It might take some time to get everything in there, but seems
to be the only clean solution.

> The eclasses seem to be accretions that go back all the way to the dawn
> of KDE3--I mean, I found a comment in there that was about 3.2.  Probably
> some of the code is cruft that could be thrown out, but I'm not
> knowledgeable
> enough to be able to tell which bits are junk and which are still useful.
Yes, they have only been fixed to work with newer kde-versions.

>>The ebuild also came down to the following error which seems
>> to be an code-error?
>> kxinewidget.cpp:2641:66: error: invalid conversion from ‘const char*
>> const*’ to ‘char**’ [-fpermissive]
> Looks like a code error to me, too . . .  Pointer casting like this is one
> of
> the reasons I hate C/C++--in a sane language, that would never have
> compiled to begin with, and the original coder would have had to fix it.
> Say, which arch are you on?
I'm on amdfam10.

BTW it also seems that there are problems detecting the correct qt-path
when qt4 is installed (just tried installing sopcast, to watch the
handball-em final, it's not being broadcasted in germany;( ).