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Month: March 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Re: Trinity 3.5.11 to 3.5.13

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 13:26:22 -0500
> On Thu, 22 Mar 2012, Timothy Pearson wrote:
>>> Or, do I have to upgrade through trinity-v3.5.12 first -- somehow?
>>The smoothest upgrade would be from 3.5.11->3.5.12->3.5.13.  Upgrading
>>straight to 3.5.13 would involve removing large amounts of TDE packages,
>>then reinstalling them manually due to the name change from *-kde3 to
> Thanks for the quick response, Tim!
> But, can you help me with the "somehow" part?
> I can't find a ppa for v3.5.12.  There seems to be no equivalent:
> lucid
> main
> , etc.

Try this:

lucid main
lucid main
lucid main
lucid main

I realize that I did not keep 3.5.12 installation instructions up on the
website, however I have not deleted a TDE binary build yet.  This may need
to change due to disk space constraints in the future, but I will try to
give at least 3 months of warning on the announce mailing list before I
delete anything.  The 3.5.12 packages can be viewed here:

> And, to be clear, going from 3.5.11->3.5.12->3.5.13 will ease me through
> all the name changes from *-kde3 to *-trinity??  I don't want to FUBAR
> this 'production' workstation -- well, not beyond the usual few
> glitches.

Yes, it will ease you through everything.  I can't guarantee that
everything will be glitch-free (see other posts on this list regarding the
upgrade process), but this will be the easiest way to go.