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Month: July 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Problem using sudo in exegnulinux_3.3_preview4

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2012 11:43:33 +0000
On 05/07/12 03:32, Robert Peters wrote:
> Hello,
> For me also, exegnulinux_3.3_preview4.iso works in live mode and
> installs fine.  During installation I told it to not disable sudo.  It
> asked for a user password and a root password.
> But now, when I try to run an admin app, such as adjust date&  time, a
> KDE su dialog appears but doesn't accept my password.
> Also, when I enter a terminal sudo command, it fails saying that I am
> not in the sudoers file.
> Is there a way to correct this?  Should I reinstall with the option to
> disable sudo?
> thx - Robert

Firstly, please remember that exegnu is "unofficial" user project and in 
any case, not well tested. I never actually tried it with sudo, will 
look into that.

For sudo to work,

1. kdesudo-trinity should be installed
2. ~/.trinity/share/config/kdesurc Should contain the line (no quotes):
3. /etc/sudoers should contain the line
your_username     ALL=(ALL) ALL

OR (provided you user is in group "sudo")
%sudo ALL=(ALL) ALL

If you don't want sudo 1-3 above should be the opposite. Please use only 
visudo in a root terminal to edit /etc/sudoers.

If you want to check that, maybe fix what is wrong and let me know, that 
would help. Otherwise, it takes a short time to reinstall and use su. 
(or just, edit kdesurc and purge kdesudo-trinity)

It's difficult to support what I don't actually use myself, or problems 
nobody said existed!

As this seems an installer bug (thanks for pointing it out) it's not 
really an actual TDE issue. I never intended Exe itself to be supported 
on this mailing list, official TDE has enough to do already. There is 
actually an address on the desktop "readme" file to post exe-specific 

This will anyway be checked and fixed for next build, thanks. In the 
meantime, users who are not comfortable with configuring sudo, please 
use su for now.