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Month: July 2012

installing parts of Trinity in /usr/local

From: Philip Webb <purslow@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 03:07:38 -0400
For most activities, I use Fluxbox on Gentoo with a number of KDE 4 apps.
However, there are  2  KDE 3 apps which I really value
& which have not been ported -- or not adequately -- to KDE 4 ,
ie Kmahjongg & Kworldclock; I would also like to keep Ksokoban around.

Currently, I have them installed with supporting libs in an overlay :

  O/LAYS -- kde-sunset : rebuilt for libpng15

    111107 kde-base/kdeartwork-kworldclock-3.5.10
    111107 kde-base/kdelibs-3.5.10-r6 [ ~ : 13 min ]
    111107 kde-base/kmahjongg-3.5.10
    111107 kde-base/ksokoban-3.5.10
    111107 kde-base/kworldclock-3.5.10-r1 [~]
    111107 kde-base/libkdegames-3.5.10 [for kmahjongg etc]
    120630 net-dns/libidn-1.25 [for kdelibs3]
    111107 x11-libs/qt-meta-3.3.8b-r2 [for KDE3]

That's from my homemade list of installed pkgs.

KDE 3 is no longer supported by Gentoo & will probably become unusable
in the near future after some further update of the pkg-manager Portage.
Therefore, I would like to install the Trinity versions of the above
-- 'qt-meta:3' is a regular Gentoo pkg & sb ok as it stands --
& the correct place for them seems to be  /usr/local .
I don't want to install the rest of Trinity, which I wouldn't use.

Is this feasible & does anyone have basic advice how to go about it ?
I have 'git' installed, but am not a developer & have never used it as such:
it merely provides background support for the 'sunset' overlay.

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