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Month: July 2012

Re: [trinity-users] TDE for ARM

From: Mike Howard <mike@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 14:54:19 +0100
On 20/07/2012 14:13, Francois Andriot wrote:
> Le 20/07/2012 08:51, Mike Howard a écrit :
>> Hi All,
>> Maybe somebody could give me a hint on this. I hope it's not 
>> something obvious.
>> For my own benefit, I'm attempting to rebuild the Red Hat rpms 
>> targeting armv5tel, so that I may use Trinity on my Toshiba AC100. 
>> I'm working through the main install requirements in order to get a 
>> basic install so I've done tqtinterface, arts, dbus-tqt, dbus-1-tqt, 
>> tdelibs along with all the requires but can't get past tdebase.
> Hello,
> I'm very interested by your results, since I own a Toshiba AC100 too.
> How does RedSleeve behave on AC100 ? Is it fast enough to be daily 
> usable ? How do you install it ?
> I've already tried Ubuntu 12.04 armhf which works good, but alas I do 
> not like Ubuntu ;-) and there is no TDE release for 12.04.
> Francois

Hi Francois,

Red Sleeve behaves really well, I'm impressed. I am, by default, a 
debian user really and haven't used Red Hat based distros for a few 
years but so far so good. Like you, I don't like Ubuntu (in fact, I hate 
it) and if I wasn't intentionally trying to get used to Red Hat again, I 
would have put debian on the AC100.

With regard to speed, its fine. I have used kde4 on the AC100 with Red 
Sleeve and it is surprisingly good (I've never been a fan of kde4 so 
far) and I will stick with it if I don't succeed with TDE, though I do 
expect to succeed, eventually :) Gordon Bobic created some really good 
kernel patches enabling (completely safe) overclocking to 1200MHz 
without any hardware mods. 1450MHz with hardware mods.

Installing is a doddle, especially if you have already put Ubuntu on it. 
A rootfs is provided by RS.

If you want more detailed info, contact me off list.

Any question is easy if you know the answer!