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Month: July 2012

Re: [trinity-users] [sort of OT] Trinity etc. are damaging Linux

From: Philip Webb <purslow@...>
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 01:02:28 -0400
120721 Lisi wrote:
> I was at a local LUG meeting today

Is it out of order to ask which city it meets in ?

> and was very distressed that the above view should be expressed forcefully.

It sounds like a few trolls trying to provoke an argument.
Certainly, it's not the view of the vast majority of free-software users.

> I am a congenital maverick.  I claim the right to remain a maverick
> and to swim against the tide as much as I like!

You don't have to be a maverick to want to go on using KDE3 = Trinity.

I was a long-time user of KDE 3 , tried the KDE 4.x desktop once,
took another look at Fluxbox & found it a good enough substitute
& have been using it ever since.  At that time, it looked
as if KDE 3 would disappear altogether: Trinity hadn't started.

Since then, I've adopted a number of KDE4 apps, eg Gwenview + Okular,
but continue to want to use  3  KDE3 apps, which KDE4 doesn't have:
hence my subscribing to this list a few days ago & asking for advice.
I can certainly understand others wanting to use the whole KDE3 desktop.

As a Gentoo user since 2003, I'm on the fringe of Linux orthodoxy,
but like other Gentoo users, I would never go back to a binary distro:
the freedom to install just what I want & configure it how I want
is much too important for comfort & for productivity.

Any chance there's a Trinity supporter
prepared to make it available for Gentoo ?

PS many years ago cities Worldwide wiped out their tram systems
& a lot of them built networks of urban expressways (motorways);
they soon found that the latter clogged up with traffic,
while downtown neighbourhoods deteriorated into slums.
Toronto & a few other cities stopped expressway building in time
& spent the money on renewing their street railways:
here at least, we still have healthy safe downtown neighbourhoods.
Nowadays increasingly, cities Worldwide are installing light rail lines
in an attempt to revive their central areas & relieve auto congestion.

That's a parallel with the GUI + touchscreen fad now in vogue
in contrast to the traditional CLI + keyboard method of using computers.

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