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Month: July 2012

TDE 3.5.13 test build for Mageia 2

From: Fran├žois ANDRIOT <francois.andriot@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 20:31:45 +0200
As a Mageia 2 user, I found annoying not to have any usable TDE version.
So, I built myself some TDE packages for Mageia 2.

These are based on the Redhat packages, which were slightly updated to 
work on Mageia.
For end-user, it means that TDE is already very usable, since it has all 
updates that Fedora/RHEL already has.
For maintainer (me, I guess), it's now possible to build TDE for all 
RHEL/Fedora/Mageia distributions with an unique procedure.
I guess that adding support for Mandriva 2011 will be easy too, since 
these distributions are very close.

For now, I've built tdebase only.
To install it on Mageia 2 (x86_64 only, no i386):

First, add the repositories:
urpmi.addmedia tde-3.5.13-x86_64
urpmi.addmedia tde-3.5.13-noarch
urpmi.addmedia tde-extras-x86_64

Then, install the tdebase package:
urpmi trinity-tdebase

And there you go. You should be able to choose a new "TDE" se
ssssion in your favorite DM (GDM, KDM, or anything else).