On Monday 30 July 2012 18:21:24 Timothy Pearson wrote:

> > I'm running Quanta under KDE4 on this machine because I do prefer KDE4 to

> > KDE-3.5/Trinity.


> Just out of curiosity, why?


> Tim


Now that is a very good question and very difficult to answer. I suppose it feels a little more polished, a bit more 21st century. Also, I suppose, with nearly all distros dropping KDE-3.5 I was almost forced to go the KDE4 route if I wanted to stay up to date.


I agree that it was a mess to start with and I was not an early adopter and as I said I still use KDE-3.5 on three low powered machines and have no problem with that. I've tried Gnome,XFCE, E17 even just basic Openbox but I am a definite KDE fan whichever flavour. (Been with it since about 1999)


I must admit to not having tried Trinity yet, as up until now there have been no packages for my distros of choice i.e. Mandriva/Mageia. I have tried repackaging the RedHat/Fedora packages but have not been successful. (I'm not much of a packager but I can sometimes manage to bodge my way through with someone elses SRPMs.)


I've installed Francois' packages on this machine and have booted into Trinity to see that it works but started to have problems immediately with kmail trying to convert my mailbox and ktorrent upset so shut it down and went back to KDE4. I will try when I get some time, to try it with a new user.


I will definitely be trying it on my netbooks when Francois' SRPMs are available so I can build 32 bit versions for my own distro.