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Month: July 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Where is my Star Trek?

From: Calvin Morrison <mutantturkey@...>
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 09:38:35 -0400
On 31 July 2012 09:17, Dexter Filmore <Dexter.Filmore@...> wrote:
> Am Saturday 28 July 2012 18:15:54 schrieb Lisi:
>> On Saturday 28 July 2012 16:50:05 Philip Webb wrote:
>> > 120728 Dexter Filmore wrote a lot of stuff, but esp:
>> > > All we need to organize our programs is a taskbar, launchers & a
>> > > systray.
>> All _you_ - and apparently Philip - need is a taskbar, launchers & a
>> systray. You are free to have them.   They exist.  But why should you - or
>> anyone else - be able to dictate to me what I need or want?
> Either you did not read the portion about my idea to have a desktop that's
> flexible enough to suit all tastes or choose to ignore it.


Having any sort of configuration will just pile up and pile up. You
still need to stick to a basic paradigm, like the classic desktop
metaphor or a mobile interface. It's fine to have customizations, but
it is best to be able to have a solid core. Without a clear focus like
TDE has, it's easy to get lost. The are many different use cases and
using a single product for all would result in an a giant bloated
piece of software, without it being remarkable. By having one focus,
we can continue to perfect and improve that, and put our resources to
that end, instead of satisfying everybody - which is inevitably