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Month: November 2012

make qt4 applications open folders in konqueror

From: Samuele Carcagno <sam.carcagno@...>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2012 00:14:37 +0100
first of all kudos to the developers, I've been running trinity since last week on 
one of my machines and it has been a pleasant experience!

I'm running TDE on an Ubuntu Precise installation, I removed all kde4 packages before installing TDE
now I'm having problems making a qt4 application (mendeley pdf organizer) to open folders in konqueror,
it opens them in firefox instead. I tried to open folders with xdg-open and it also that uses firefox.
I've tried several things, issuing the following as suggested in the Arch Wiki
$  xdg-mime default kfmclient.desktop inode/directory 

didn't work

I tried setting kfmclient as the application for opening inode/directory in /usr/share/applications/default.list
as well as in .local/share/applications/default.list and it didn't work. Eventually I tried installing nautilus,
and as I suspected it took possession of xdg, and xdg-open directoryname now uses nautilus, but that's not
really what I wanted, I would like that xdg-open uses konqueror

any suggestion would be appreciated!