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Month: November 2012

Re: [trinity-users] hibernate/resume problem: usb drives.

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 01:22:38 +0000
On 11/11/12 23:41, Felmon Davis wrote:
> greetings!
> I have installed David Hare's exe package on a new-ish Acer Aspire
> 725-0802 with AMD dual-core processor. I had some hiccups but things
> seem settled for the most part though I'm not through quite yet!
> anyway, I got hibernate/resume to work, almost. it resumes nicely except
> for the usb drives.
> what definitely doesn't reload is xhci. there apparently is a usb 3.0
> port here and I can't figure out how to get it to wake up automagically
> after hibernate. dmesg says something about 'timeout while waiting for a
> slot' with respect to xhci_hcd.
> I have wrestled things to a certain point where if I resume and run the
> following, I get a port:
> sudo /sbin/modprobe -r xhci
> sudo /sbin/modprobe xhci
> so either I would like to do without this expedient or I would like to
> get resume to run it for me.
> to get suspend working, I set up the disk to resume in initramifs and in
> fstab. I don't have any other suspend tools installed to my knowledge.
> I am also uneasy with this setup because it doesn't seem like safe
> practices; I think the kernel is complaining about missing pages. not
> sure of this yet.
> F.

Exegnu is straight Debian Squeeze, built from a clean debootstrap, with 
a stock Debian kernel, with (not the entire metapackage) TDE installed. 
No core stuff is altered from Squeeze. Whatever your DE, that is 
unlikely to cause hibernate/resume issues.

A quick look through the search engines shows others with similar 
problems, e.g. :

Most likely this is neither a bug from Exe nor TDE  I have nothing that 
new here to test that (and never actually used hibernate/resume) Squeeze 
is ~2 years old now, wheezy is coming soon

Have you tried the latest kernel from squeeze-backports? 
firmware-linux-nonfree installed?