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Month: November 2012

Baghira Theme and Trinity packages for PCLinuxOS 2012

From: Kate Draven <borglabs4@...>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 18:27:03 -0500
> > Kate
> Kate, it will probably be ready before Christmas. If your computers runs
> well regular PCLinuxOS, it will run my TDE remaster as well. For the
> moment, I had an issue with the PCLOS installer who don't seem to ''see''
> TDM and wants me to install XDM. Francois tried something but it doesn't
> work for me.
> For now, I have installed GDM and it seem to work flawlessly. I will
> probably just put a PDF instruction file on the desktop so that the new
> users will know where to go in the PCLinuxOS control center to switch the
> session manager to TDM.
> I use the Qt-Curve theme for now. It provides consistent look between QT3,
> Qt4 and GTK2 apps. If you provide a link to the baghira theme, it could
> include it. Do you have a GTK2 equivalent too?
> Coming soon!
> -Alexandre

Thank you Alexandre

Here is the link = I don't know about the gk2,
but I use gtk-qt_engine and KGtK (wrapper that allows the use of the
open/save kdialog) they works fine. I'm including a screenshots of inkscape.

Yes they do run PCLOS just fine, but not with kde4. Usually it crashes. This
doesn't happen with kde3, tde, gnome3 and E17. I do notice that kde4 eats a
large amount of ram. Most of the machines have 2 gigs or more, the rest have
4 gigs or more. So it's not a ram problem.

Regardless I'd love to do a complete and clean install of a TDE based PCLOS
install. I document everything from beginning to end and then later use it to
create an install guide.

Thanks again