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Month: November 2012

TDE no longer opens after upgrade

From: Ken Heard <kenslists@...>
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2012 17:33:04 -0500
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I have TDE 3.5.13 installed in a Debian Squeeze box.  Today I ran
"apt-get update" and then "apt-get -upgrade", whereby some 350 packages,
including many Trinity packages were upgraded. Soon after I shut down
the box.

Later I opened it again, but the desktop environment (terminal F7) did
not appear.  Instead, terminal F1 opened with the login bang.  I did
however notice in the text which screened by just before the bang
appeared a line reading "Starting K display manager : kdm-trinity.

I was able to log in as root and as a user; so access to all files was
possible, but applications requiring a display would not open. While
logged in as route, running startx opened a generic desktop in F7; but I
did not know what to do from that point to open a user.

Clearly something got broken in the upgrade, but I don't know exactly
what or how to fix it.  Can anyone tell me what to do to get the desktop

Ken Heard
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