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Month: December 2012

Re: [trinity-users] Fedora 17 or TDE bug repport 2++

From: Patrick Serru <patrick@...>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 18:34:55 -0500
Le vendredi 14 d�cembre 2012, Thierry de Coulon a �crit :
> On Friday 14 December 2012 15.47:19 Patrick Serru wrote:
>>       Hi All,
> (...)
>>       There were true questions in this post:
>> - how does one configure the network from Trinity, a console and / or
>> from Gnome with Fedora?
>> - Is there someone that could help me transfering mails from  KMail
>> 3.5.10 release 21.13.1 to KMail TDE 3.5.13?
>>       Thank you. Cheers,
>> Patrick
> Hi,
> No idea for the fist question as I never used Fedora
> To transfer my mails, I usually do the following:
> - copy ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail to ~/.tde/share/apps/kmail
> - delete all *.index and *.ids files in kmail ~/.tde/share/apps//mail
> - copy ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc to ~/.tde/share/apps/kabc
> - copy ~/.kde/share/confiog/kmailrc to ~/.tde/share/config/kmailrc
> At least on time I did have to re-enter my email settings (but I think I
> was copying from TDE to KDE).
> Note that when I do this, I have two separate systems, so I can always go
> back to look for my information.
> Regards,
> Thierry
      Hi All, Hi Thierry

      I made a copy of the mails folder (~/.Mail, I dont know if it is the 
default name !) and the ~/.kde/ from my current Kde USER repertory (the Oss 
11.1 sys.), into the targeted F17 Trinity system, mounted 
in /linux/F17_target/ . Then:

  cd /linux/F17_target/home/USER/
  cp -R ./.kde/share/apps/kmail/* ./.trinity/share/apps/kmail
  rm ./.Mail/.*.index.ids
  rm ./.Mail/.*.index
  cp -R ./.kde/share/apps/kabc/* ./.trinity/share/apps/kabc
  cp ./.kde/share/config/kmailrc ./.trinity/share/config/kmailrc

Once F17 Trinity started, it was quit OK, excepted that KMail did not ask 
for the oppenning of KWallet. I will copy the KWallet settings, too, and 
for any application other than KMail need!

      I thought I could send this mail from "there". Thank you very much,