> On Tuesday 25 December 2012 14:17:28 Alexandre Couture wrote:
> > What puzzle me in that is always this question: What would Mom do if it
> > would happen to her?
> Giving birth doesn't turn us into useless automata who can't sort anything out
> for ourselves. ;-)
> What _I_ would do, if it happened to me, is find out the solution, then go
> round all the people I support installing the solution on their boxes before
> the problem happened to them.
> But, of course, I am a Mum not a Mom. Perhaps that makes all the
> difference. ;-)
> Happy Christmas everybody!
> Lisi

Hi Lisi,

Of course, giving birth is not what makes the problem! Still, I think that if you go on the TDE website, it is because you have much much much more computer knowledge than my mother :)

By the way, is it Mom or Mum? English is not my primary language... Je parle en francais, mais je vis au Canada :)

Merry Christmas!