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Month: January 2013

Re: [trinity-users] Icon themes for TDE

From: Pascal Viandier <pviandier@...>
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2013 15:03:03 -0500
>> Hi everyone!
>> I wanted to share 2 icon themes for updating the look of TDE:
>> -Crystal SVG Updated
>> This icon theme comes from PCLOS MiniME 2008 (KDE 3.5.x). I don't know if
>> it is an official update of the old Crystal SVG or a theme made by the
>> PCLOS team, but it is a more modern version of it.
>> -Oxygen for KDE3
>> This is the theme used in my PCLinuxOS TDE non-official remaster. It comes
>> from
>> I personally think that keeping the old Crystal SVG theme as the default
>> theme is not
>> good for the TDE project. The people who haven't used TDE will think that
>> it is always the same old project as KDE3. It just looks too old and of
>> course, the more actual Oxygen icon theme will go this way one day or
>> another, but as of now, I think that it would be a good idea for TDE to
>> use Oxygen or another icon theme, at least this updated version of Crystal
>> SVG.
> I still don't like the way Oxygen looks; most of the newer icon themes
> from the past few years seem rather dark and muddied, which can make
> finding a particular icon or GUI element difficult when many of them are
> shown on the screen.
> Does a "modern", bright icon theme with relatively high contrast between
> icons even exist?
> On the technical end, using newer icon themes means that Bug 1313 must
> first be be resolved...
>> The same idea goes with the general theme. We aren't used to the
>> ''vanilla KDE 3.5.10'' these days. Themes with big lines separating GUI
>> elements aren't used anymore and even during the KDE 3.5.x days, almost
>> no distros used the default theme.
> Which widget style are you referring to?
>> This is just my personal opinion...
> Understood. :-)  Thank you for your input!
>> -Alexandre
> Tim
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Hi all,

First I wish you all a great new year.
Now, to get in the subject:
The greatest looking icon theme I ever found (the one I still use) came long ago 
with the Baghira theme.
The icons are very very nice.
I must say I still use my own custom made (compiled) Baghira full theme because 
I love its look.
Since Baghira is not suported anymore (for years now), its colorful icons could 
be reused?

My 2 cents on the subject...