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Month: January 2013

Re: [trinity-users] Migration to F16-Trinity_Alt+F4

From: Patrick Serru <patrick@...>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 19:10:15 -0500
Le mercredi 09 janvier 2013, Fran�ois ANDRIOT a �crit :
> Le 08/01/2013 06:55, Patrick Serru a �crit :
>> Le vendredi 04 janvier 2013, Patrick Serru a �crit :
>>>        Hi All,
>>>        In TDE, the shortcut Alt+F4 does'nt work. Did I miss something
>>> (-:again!)?
>>>        Thank you
>>> Patrick
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>>        Hi all,
>>        OK, most of you probably think that this boring guy did not
>> mentioned that most of the windows are closable typing [Ctrl + Q], or
>> [Ctrl + W]... This is a detail, a small pebble in the shoe.
>>        But why [Ctrl + A] for "Select all", has disapeared too? I guess
>> that it was source of troubles: I've generaly seen [Ctrl + A] in English
>> and French, but [Ctrl + E] Spanish (at least in MS Windows)...
>>        Lets forget the burning stables when the castle is on fire!
>>        Cheers,
>> Patrick
> Hello, I cannot reproduce this bug at all, so I cannot help you.
> All keyboard shortcuts work for me, as expected.
> Francois
      Hi Fran�ois,

      I hope that someone in the TDE developpement team has an idea on the 
origine of this problem! If someone wants me to do some debugging, write a 
install scrip and how to trapp the bug, I will send the resulting 
informations. The code handeling the construction of the menus clearly 
looks involved.