> On 02/02/2013 12:45 PM, Alexandre Couture wrote:
> > It is available in a 4-parts zip archive.
> Is there a place to download it as an ISO yet?

Not yet! But you can download the 4 parts, put them in the same directory and extract it with File-roller, Xarchiver, P7Zip (but not Ark, it doesn't support multi-part archives) and you will get the ISO
> I've installed your earlier DVD on one machine, and it works great. Is
> there a chance more Trinity packages will be available sometime, besides
> what comes on the DVD? There are a few others I'd like to have, like
> Kuickshow for example.
As of now, the Trinity packages are the same as the previous version that Francois Andriot packaged for me (thanks Francois!) If you can't see it in Synaptic, then it is not available from Francois Andriot repos for PCLinuxOS. Maybe Gwenview can do the job?

Thank you! Have a nice day!
-Alexandre Couture