Quoting Alexandre Couture :
I don't know if you really need to use TDM, but as I had issues at some points with TDM on my PCLOS remaster, I installed GDM (Gnome display manager) and it worked right as it should and makes no difference once Trinity is started.
Even if it's not what you want at first, it might be a good way to troubleshoot if the rest of Trinity has installed as it should.

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    I am able to login using xdm fine; it's just TDM that's not working, as far as I can tell.  xdm works with twm and icewm, but TDM does not work with either of them, so I'm pretty sure that there's something wrong with the Trinity setup.  I suspect that the absence of /etc/trinity probably has something to do with it, but I don't know what is supposed to be in it.