Konsole -> Settings -> Configure Shortcuts

Its ctrl+shift <-> for good reason but you can
change this behavior :-)

You're welcome 

--- On Sun, 2/24/13, Nicolas Bercher <nbercher@...> wrote:

From: Nicolas Bercher <nbercher@...>
Subject: [trinity-users] konsole: how do I pass shift-right & shift-left to the shell?
To: trinity-users@...
Received: Sunday, February 24, 2013, 10:03 AM


I'd like my bash session to receive shift-right & shift-left, but
konsole (or any global trinity shortcut) seems to intercept them.
I've search everywhere I could and didn't find anything to fix

Is there a way to know which app or function is mapper to these

How can I have a complete list of global shortcuts?


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