> On Sunday 24 February 2013 02:42:40 pm C W wrote:
> > Thank you Alexandre for making a version of PCLinuxOS with TDE. I agree
> > that it's best to add the option to switch between the KDE4 style menu &
> > TDE classic style menu. This will not damage TDE. It is just adding
> > another option (an option that I & others will enjoy using, if you add
> > it).
> >
I am part of these ''others'' who will enjoy it too :)
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Elcaset
> +1
> Choice is good, and I appreciate Alexandre's efforts.
TDE is all about choice, and the fact that it has tons of options is probably why it is still loved!
> Speaking of choice, :-)
> it would be nice if you (Alexandre) left Konqueror available as a file
> manager, and not just Dolphin. It was certainly not hard to add it back, but
> why ever remove it in the first place?
Ok, there is no problem with this: The only thing that you need to change is to replace Dolphin by Konqueror in the shortcuts! And Konqueror is still there!
The reason I used Dolphin is simply because I like its side-bar with previews and information about the files. One thing it lacks if you compare it with the KDE4 version is the tabs, but I still like it!
> Alexandre, thanks again for this version of PCLinuxOS with TDE.
> Best regards,
> Andy

Thank you!
I think that for the next release of my livecd, I will probably make 2 versions of it: A version similar to what it is now and a version with all the apps stripped out and with plain vanilla TDE style, that I hope would fit on a CD.

One thing that should be remembered is that I am not a dev. So, I will try to see if I can change some configs to get a K menu with a different structure, but it is probably more in the way TDE organize the menu that it should be checked.