Maybe the best solution to this issue is for one or more of the TDE purists (who want TDE to be exactly like KDE 3.5.10, as far as I can tell), to make a version of PCLOS with TDE & nothing borrowed from KDE4.  The only downside to that I can think of would be possible fragmentation like Lisi mentioned.



On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 6:39 AM, Steven D'Aprano <steve@...> wrote:
On 25/02/13 12:32, Alexandre Couture wrote:

Well that's getting a real joke! Once again!
I am not a software developer. I don't know how to make a computer program.
And you tell me that I have added an option to TDE? Certainly not.

You have changed the default settings. That is what I mean by adding an option.
My apologies for the confusion.

Alexandre, I am sorry that I have upset you. I think it is very important for
us all to be grateful for your efforts at packaging Trinity. Thank you again.

But gratitude is not "all, or nothing". I believe that we should be thankful
for your work in packaging Trinity, but *not* thankful that your package
makes Trinity more like KDE 4, and less consistent with Trinity on other
Linux distros.


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