Francois Andriot wrote:
>Hello, I see no problem at all with Alexandre's LiveCD.
>It is advertised as an unofficial PCLinuxOS spin, running a customized
>Trinity desktop.
Yes, it is exactly what it is, and nothing else.
>Maybe we should make these 2 informations more visible on the LiveCD
>download page ?
Yes, it's a good idea!

>Of course, all customizations he has made are not upstream.
>People can still install an official CD/DVD PCLinuxOS, then install
>Trinity from my repository instead of LiveCD.
>Then they will get the default appearance and settings.
>When TDE will be out, I will put the PCLinuxOS build in the
>official mirrors.

For the next release of my LiveCD, there will be 2 version:
-A version similar to what it is now
-A version that is only the base system with TDE and nothing else. I hope it would fit on a CD.

As of now, if you want a vanilla version of my remaster, install it (just hope your eyes won't bleed :) ) and after you
have rebooted and made the first user, as a root, delete everything in /etc/skel/
Then, create a new user and re-login with a 100% vanilla TDE system.

By the way, the ISO of my remaster that is hosted on the TDE website is outdated and won't update correctly.
PCLinuxOS changed the structure and the servers of their repos.
The new version of my ISO (Jan 15, 2013) is ready out-of-the-box to use their new repos as it should
and is fully updated.