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Month: February 2013

Re: [trinity-users] K menu organisation in Trinity

From: David Hare <davidahare@...>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 03:34:22 +0000
>> By the way, the ISO of my remaster that is hosted on the TDE website is outdated and won't update correctly.
>> PCLinuxOS changed the structure and the servers of their repos.

Personally I use only Debian. One of many reasons: install Debian one 
time only then only user error will prevent a clean upgrade path.


Alexandre, I at least appreciate your efforts to produce a TDE live 
image (not many exist at all), although pclinuxos, dolphin and your menu 
layout are not for me. I know a little of how difficult it can be to get 
that just right and that to please everybody is not possible.

I also appreciate the efforts of official TDE in supporting different 

Even if TDE had resources to do "official" live images (as well as 
development for R14) there will still be some who will want to do that 
unofficially with their own idea of how it should be done. This is 
Linux. Everything I did with ExeGNU, including the installer and 
TDE-specific live-boot scripts, is GPL. Whoever wants to do their own 
build using those tools or their own is free to do so. If you do just 
don't expect everybody to like it.

I remember the first Debian image I built and posted here, one man 
rudely complained because I refused to add nonfree multimedia apps and 
codecs. He either did not notice, was too lazy or lacked the 
intelligence to use the included snapshot/remaster tool to make his own 
(least of all understand the ethics of Debian)

And why slam KDE4 and Gnome3?  A lot of people out there actually do 
like and use them For those who don't (including me), they are not 
compulsory. TDE, Cinammon and Mate exist and Xfce gained huge popularity 
because of a demand for the "traditional desktop" and low resource usage.

I'm certainly not a "conservative" who wants to keep kde 3.5.10 as-was 
forever. TDE must develop to survive.. and I hope it does, remaining 
focused on low resource usage and the "traditional desktop"

And remember, this topic is about the menu. One of the good things about 
TDE is customizability.. install it and do what pleases *you* with it, 
you actually can.