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Month: March 2013

Re: [trinity-users] Poor Qt4 performance on Linux

From: Baron <baron@...>
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2013 17:34:16 +0000
Hi Guys,

On Saturday 09 March 2013 00:16:01 Alexandre Couture wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> This week I've been playing with DraftSight both on Linux and on
> Windows. DraftSight is a Qt4 CAD drawing program that is very similar
> to AutoCad and it is available for free both for Windows and for
> Linux.

Like you I use DraftSight on PCLoS.

> I used DraftSight for many months on Linux on my Core 2 Duo with 2gb
> of RAM computer and it is sluggish. Each time that I select a part of
> the drawing to modify an attribute there is a 5-10 second delay
> before the program unfreeze.

I find the same problems !  Maybe not quite as severe but certainly the 
graphics performance leaves something to be desired.  I'm currently 
running a dual core 3Gig P4 with 1Gb ram.

> On my Windows-only laptop that I use mainly for running industrial
> automation software, I have installed DraftSight this week. This
> laptop is an old IBM ThinkPad A31p with a 1.7GHz Pentium 4 cpu and
> 512mb of RAM. It runs Windows XP. On this laptop, DraftSight runs
> perfectly well and there is no delay when I click on a part of a
> drawing, even if it is a much slower computer and the general
> performance of DraftSight is much better on Windows.

On my laptop, a 1300Mhz 1Gb running Open SuSE 11.1, DraftSight runs a 
lot more smoothly without the jerky mouse and refresh delays.

> Is there a reason why I see such a big difference between this Qt4
> program on Linux and on Windows? Does the difference is because of
> Qt4 or it could be because DraftSight has not been ported as well as
> it could be?

??  That could be a question for the DS developers.

> Qt3 has a very high performance and on a slow computer, it is even
> faster than GTK2. The UI element are drawn faster than almost every
> other GUI toolkits. Why does QT4 still suffer from these performance
> issues?
> Have an happy spring break!
> -Alexandre

Best Regards: