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Month: March 2013

Re: [trinity-users] Konqueror/Gwenview weirdness

From: Greg Madden <gomadtroll@...>
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2013 23:20:12 -0900
On Saturday 09 March 2013 6:14:55 pm you wrote:
> 	I browse to a website that contains GIF images.  When I click on any
> of these images I get this error message:
> There was an error loading the module Gwenview Image Viewer.
> The diagnostics is:
> Library files for "" not found in paths.
> 	I click OK and the image is displayed.
> 	I checked the Konqueror file association settings for GIF and found
> KView
> Gwenview
> Gwenview V4
> Kolourpaint
> Wine Internet Explorer
> Pinta
> 	This looks like KView should be being used not Gwenview; but I
> removed Gwenview V4 just in case it was causing some conflict.  But I
> got the same result.
> 	I also tried upgrading to the most recent available Konqueror and
> Gwenview components from the repository, but again got the same
> result. Any suggestions?
> Leslie

I get  the fiollowing error trying to view a web page with Konq. While 
It seems that a library is not found, the error does metion 'path'.

I have several users on my box, I can start Konq as another user and it 
works as expected. It is just my main login that is affected.

"There was an error loading the module KHTML.
The diagnostics is:Library files for ".la" not found in paths"