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Month: March 2013

Re: [trinity-users] Difficult new install

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 02:03:37 -0500
>> New install of Wheezy TDE 3.45.14 (nightlies).
>> I have the missing  *.la issue, noted previous post, for Konq.
>>  Initially I did not have 'tdm-trinity' in '/etc/init.d/' consequently
>> not in any run levels either. I copied 'tdm-trinity' from my laptop
>> install, updated the run levels.
>> TDE desktop failed to start, it seems ksmserver-trinity did not get
>> installed with the 'tdebase-trinity' meta-package I used.
>> I was havng a hardware issue with my workstation, and replaced  the root
>> hard drive, went with the new install. It seems, esp. last month, the
>> nightlies are not even ready for testing. There was a warning from Tim
>> a while back about some changes. Hard for me to tell when it is safe to
>> do an update and when and for how long to wait. I have been using the
>> nightlies in a test environment since last summer. TDE has been usable
>> most of that time...untill recently.
>> --
>> Peace,
>> Greg
> We recently completed a large project to allow TDE to function properly
> with KDE; we are currently working on resolving the issues introduced
> during that project.  I am somewhat surprised that you have run into such
> significant problems, as I have been running the nightlies on multiple
> test systems and had not noted these difficulties.  I will do a clean
> install on another test box to see if I can replicate this problem.
> Sorry for the inconvenience!
> Tim

I created a new Wheezy VM from scratch, added the
trinity-nightly-build-dependencies and trinity-nightly-builds PPAs,
installed tdebase-trinity, rebooted, and was greeted with a fully
functional TDE installation.  Something must have gone wrong in your
installation; you might have caught the TDE PPAs during a sources.list
update for example.