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Month: March 2013

Re: [trinity-users] crash, kde3, Xserver does not start any more

From: Ken Heard <kenslists@...>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 07:49:50 +0700
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On 2013-03-14 21:46, Uwe Brauer wrote:

> I have installed Kubuntu 10.04 with trinity 3.5.11 (I think) on a
> X60 Thinkpad Laptop. This morning the xerver freezed and I had to
> reboot,
> I got a graphical login, could login, kde3 started, however the
> hard disk was in read only mode. So I rebooted again, this time it
> took almost 15 min to reboot, a sign that some hard disk problem
> occurred; (I have the jfs file system.)
> Anyhow finally the machine booted again successfully, I got a
> graphical login but now I could *NOT* login, the password was
> accepted but instead the graphical login screen reappeared.
> I could login on a terminal though. So I thought maybe the
> xorg.conf file was damaged. But this Kubuntu version does not have
> a xorg file anymore, as google told me.

The litany of problems you describe could indicate hardware failure.
I have a ThinkPad R61 with Squeeze, and since the upgrade from Lenny I
have had no end of trouble from it.

For example, sound only works intermittently.  On two occasions the
printer was detected, but I could only print one file before the
printer was no longer detected.  On booting the screen goes blank
before booting is completed; on average I have to reboot 3.5 times
before I can get a complete boot.  Shutdown is never completed; I have
to shut down manually after the computer stops after some of the
shutdown processes are finished.  Dolphin and Konqueror sometimes
detect a CDROM when there is no CDROM in the drive, etc.

I ran the usual tests on the hard drive (smartmontools) and the memory
(memtest).  In both cases no errors were detected.  So, either there
is much wrong with Squeeze; or there is a hardware failure somewhere,
perhaps in the southbridge -- or even both hardware and software

The failure rate for laptops in the first three years after
manufacture is upwards of 20%. My R61 was assembled in 2008 -- almost
five years ago.  So hardware failure is a real possibility.

On the assumption that some of the cited problems were software
related I sent individual posts to various user lists about some of
the specific problems.  For all of them the people who responded
remained as baffled as to their cause as I was.  In one case a Debian
developer as much as told me that he could not help me as long I have
software installed which is not "pure" Debian -- such as Trinity.

Regards, Ken Heard
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