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Month: March 2013

Re: [trinity-users] crash, kde3, Xserver does not start any more

From: Uwe Brauer <oub.oub.oub@...>
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 15:20:19 +0100
>> "Ken" == Ken Heard <kenslists@...> writes:

   > The litany of problems you describe could indicate hardware failure.
   > I have a ThinkPad R61 with Squeeze, and since the upgrade from Lenny I
   > have had no end of trouble from it.

Well there have been hardware problems on that machine: I had to
exchange the BIOS batteries and the fan. I have the feeling that the
hard disk is the next candidate, this time I was lucky that the crash
only concerned files in the home directory next time I might not be that
lucky and a complete reinstall is in order or a exchange of the hard

   > The failure rate for laptops in the first three years after
   > manufacture is upwards of 20%. My R61 was assembled in 2008 --
   > almost five years ago.  So hardware failure is a real possibility.

I agree, when I compare my X200 or X60 to my old X41 I can really see
the decline  of reliability and sturdiness  of the whole construction.