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Month: March 2013

Re: [trinity-users] Trinity repository for Debian Wheezy

From: Gerhard Zintel <gerhard.zintel@...>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2013 23:58:12 +0100
On Friday 22 March 2013, Greg Madden wrote:
> On Friday 22 March 2013 7:04:49 am you wrote:
> > Hi everyone!
> >
> >> So, the question is: when Debian Wheezy repository (of any TDE
> >
> > release) will be ready? Maybe you need help to test one? I am willing
> > to put some effort to get back to TDE by the time of Wheezy release.
> I use the nightly builds for Wheezy, I have been testing them in vm's
> for a while now with, mostly, good results.
> I did just switch my workstation to Wheezy and installed the nightly
> builds, 20/20 hindsight, I should of waited, but it is workable today ,
> more fiddling than I like to do. I think they need more testing for
> sure, join in :-)
> Search the archives for  Slávek Banko, he has some repos's of
> that run on Wheezy,

I have no idea why those repos are neither mentioned on the Trinity web site 
nor anywhere at the Wiki (at least - I always have to search old mail 
archives to find them). Therefore here you are:

precise main
precise main

That's for my Ubuntu 12.04. You surely have to adapt for Debian e.g.

deb wheezy 
wheezy main