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Month: March 2013

Re: [trinity-users] crash, kde3, Xserver does not start any more

From: dep <dep@...>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 06:56:05 -0400
said Mag. Dr. Nikolaus Klepp:
| > Interesting.  In my Lenovo R61 with Squeeze and xfs file system, my
| > laptop-mode.conf file does not have CONTROL_INTEL_SATA_MODE.  The only
| > option with "SATA" in it is "ASSUME_SCSI_IS_SATA=1".  The explanation
| > for this option is:
| >
| > # If this is enabled, laptop mode tools will assume that SCSI drives
| > are # really SATA drives that only _look_ like SCSI drives, and will
| > use # hdparm to control them. Set this to 0 if you have /dev/sd
| > devices # and you want laptop mode tools to use the "sdparm" command
| > to control # them.
| If I recall correctly, the SATA problems started after a kernel upgrade
| to 3.* - and changing from squeeze to wheezy. The ugly thing was that it
| looked like TDE was causing system hangs where in reality laptop-tools
| sent the harddrive to an agressive powersave mode from where it did not
| return when TDE tried to start a application. The problem with
| laptop-tools never vanished sice then on all X6* and T6*, it just
| changed quality. My latest running gag is not beeing able to shutdown
| propperly, because the SATA interface has gone to sleep before system
| halt is complete - and consequently the system waits for the hardrive to
| complete shutdown till power runs out.

i think there is something flaky with pretty much every modern linux 
installation and pretty much every thinkpad. when i go chasing for fixes 
for problems i'm encountering with my X200 i find that what i'm 
encountering is common -- on thinkpads. these include as mentioned the 
failure (not always but often) to properly shut down (which i work around 
by going to a terminal -- alt-ctrl-f2, say) and doing a "sudo shutdown -h 
now"). they include, what is it, khelper consuming sufficient processor to 
make the mouse useless for about half an hour after startup. they include 
firefox's refusal about four-fifths of the time to shut down. this all 
worked with my previous install based on kubunto 10.04 lts, and all 
appeared with my upgrade to 12.04 lts.

maddening, really, and not enough time to dive in and sort it, presuming it 
can be sorted.

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