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Month: July 2013

Re: [trinity-users] Donation and Re: [trinity-users] Testing TDE R14

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 09:54:31 -0500
> The proposed donate button is very elaborate.  To be remotely accessible
> to
> the visually handicapped it would in fact have to be the size of the page,
> not just included on the page.
> I would concur with Tim and Slávek, but would add the following as an
> off-this-thread comment.
> All the recent talk about donations has actually scared me off donating
> right
> now.  The discussion had made me feel that it was again time that I
> managed
> to give something.  Not that I was going to give a lot, I'm afraid that I
> never have, but I was going to give something.
> But I now know that a) donating is not anonymous and b) that what I would
> call
> large amounts are the minimum anyone is interested in.  "Little drops of
> water, little grains of sand, make a mighty ocean and a beauteous land"
> would
> appear *not* to be the order of the day.  So, as of this moment, I have
> backed away from giving anything.  I would quite simply be too
> embarrassed.

With regards to a.), how would you propose anonymous donations be
implemented?  Most financial transactions (at least in the US) are
traceable unless you use cash, and even then generally one at least sees
the person using the cash.  I don't understand your objection here?

With respect to b.), I disagree.  Small donations are much appreciated! 
However, bear in mind that if only a couple people are donating (true
story for the past few months!), and those amounts are small, I have to
fund the entire TDE infrastructure out of my own pocket for those months
(once the previous donations are used up by paying related bills of
course).  I am not complaining here, I am simply trying to allay your
fears that TDE is some sort of scam.  Every now and again I try to remind
people that while TDE *is* free software, developing it is quite
expensive.  Even KDE has (corporate?) backers paying some of its
development bills...

> I'm sure that I shall get over it.  But the occasional passer-by may not,
> and
> a small, possibly several small, even very small, donations may be lost to
> TDE.  In addition, and arguably worse, I feel that that it would also
> entail
> a loss of goodwill.  "Don't go near TDE.  It's just a scam.  All they are
> interested in is parting you from your money."

How would you propose I rectify this bad image of TDE?