Here is a couple of pictures I took of my little Android 4.1 tablet running Debian Lenny with Linux-On-Android.
The machine is a JXD S18 Mini Pad. It cost +- 50$ on Ebay and it has a 1Ghz RockChip rk2928 Arm cpu with 512mb of RAM, a 4.x inch screen and, of course, Wi-Fi. It has 4gb of internal flash memory and I bought a 16gb microSDHC card to use in its memory card slot. Once it is rooted, it can run Linux-On-Android, with a choice of a few Arm-compatible distros.

I installed KDE 3.5.10 on it and it works, although it is not much of any real use since the display resolution is only 480x272.
It is a little slow, because Android still run in the background and it gets quite low on RAM, but it is approximately as fast as a Pentium 2 on Linux. Even OpenOffice.org and IceWeasel works! On a bigger Android tablet, it could be interesting to use it as an ''Amarok machine''

Have a nice day!