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Subject: [trinity-users] kpowermanager problem

Hi all!

I just ran into an interesting problem with kpowermanger (fresh installed 
wheezy + TDE

when I have my testuser configured to "autologin" and has "kpowermanager" 
aktivated, then
- on the first autologin, kpowermanager does not work, i.e. it shows a 
dithered plug symbol.
- testuser logs out and automaticaly logs in again: "kpowermanager" works as 

Is there an easy workaround instead of logging out the first time?
Could somebody with a deeper insight in TDE internals guide me to debug the 



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I am having an issue similar to that... where my PC will NOT turn off or screen will not go to sleep.

I accidentally lost the email but someone replied back said that HAL is no longer being used sowhat do I install
tto make the screen turn off and standby after xx? I know that even if you set all of that in the power options
nnothing happens and I hate to have to shutdown every night I am in XFCE right now and can do all of that.