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Month: November 2013

Re: [trinity-users] Concerns about TDE R14 and SRU

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 14:23:21 -0600
> Hi everyone,
> I have a few concerns about TDE R14 and SRU
> It seems to me that SRU has next to perfect stability, features
> and reliability, while R14 is not there yet.
> By looking at this page:  , almost
> all I can see is that the dev team is working very hard to just keep R14
> in working conditions. Sometimes Amarok doesn't start, sometimes desktop
> or menus are unresponsive for a moment, some themes doesn't work
> completely and it is not like if the user would benefit from a new set of
> feature or a complete visual overhaul. I cannot see why an user would
> benefit from using the upcoming R14 when it is compared to the stability
> of SRU. Everything works as it should in It wolud have
> been a very good ground for improving TDE on top of it. All of this
> trouble is supposed to be for the integrations of QT4 parts in TDE, but it
> seems to me that in R14, it will be used nowhere, not even for a single
> check-box in a config panel. Maybe it is just me, maybe I would need some
> explanations.
> I mean that if the efforts has been made to make TDE more attractive to
> new users and to modernize it, it would certainly have more popularity. As
> well as making a new ''outside'' on top of an outdated car is not good,
> changing everything under the hood and keeping the old outdated
> ''outside'' is certainly not better at all. I know that TDE could be
> better, if some attention could be thrown at things that are not just
> under the hood.
> Just one man's opinion...
> Tell us what you think!
> -Alexandre

For starters, look at the number of reported crashes from the threaded
components of the 3.5.13.x series.  Those reports *cannot* be fixed
without the major threading changes made in TQt3 for R14.0.0.  Just
because something is stable on your system does not mean that it will be
stable on someone else's system if threading is involved. ;-)  Also keep
in mind that R14 finally gets rid of HAL (and in fact uses many modern
services for mounting, network management, etc.)--without those changes,
TDE users would find it increasingly more difficult, if possible at all,
to perform basic tasks like connecting to wireless networks and mounting
USB flash drives.

There is a reason that we have been constantly delaying R14--that is to
make sure R14 is a high quality, stable release.