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Month: November 2013

RE: [trinity-users] Concerns about TDE R14 and SRU

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 00:02:46 -0600
>> > Hi everyone,
>> >
>> > I have a few concerns about TDE R14 and SRU
>> >
>> > It seems to me that SRU has next to perfect stability,
>> features
>> > and reliability, while R14 is not there yet.
>> > By looking at this page:  ,
>> almost
>> > all I can see is that the dev team is working very hard to just keep
>> R14
>> > in working conditions. Sometimes Amarok doesn't start, sometimes
>> desktop
>> > or menus are unresponsive for a moment, some themes doesn't work
>> > completely and it is not like if the user would benefit from a new set
>> of
>> > feature or a complete visual overhaul. I cannot see why an user would
>> > benefit from using the upcoming R14 when it is compared to the
>> stability
>> > of SRU. Everything works as it should in It would
>> have
>> > been a very good ground for improving TDE on top of it. All of this
>> > trouble is supposed to be for the integrations of QT4 parts in TDE,
>> but it
>> > seems to me that in R14, it will be used nowhere, not even for a
>> single
>> > check-box in a config panel. Maybe it is just me, maybe I would need
>> some
>> > explanations.
>> >
>> > I mean that if the efforts has been made to make TDE more attractive
>> to
>> > new users and to modernize it, it would certainly have more
>> popularity. As
>> > well as making a new ''outside'' on top of an outdated car is not
>> good,
>> > changing everything under the hood and keeping the old outdated
>> > ''outside'' is certainly not better at all. I know that TDE could be
>> > better, if some attention could be thrown at things that are not just
>> > under the hood.
>> >
>> > Just one man's opinion...
>> > Tell us what you think!
>> >
>> > -Alexandre
>> >
>> For starters, look at the number of reported crashes from the threaded
>> components of the 3.5.13.x series.  Those reports *cannot* be fixed
>> without the major threading changes made in TQt3 for R14.0.0.  Just
>> because something is stable on your system does not mean that it will be
>> stable on someone else's system if threading is involved. ;-)  Also keep
>> in mind that R14 finally gets rid of HAL (and in fact uses many modern
>> services for mounting, network management, etc.)--without those changes,
>> TDE users would find it increasingly more difficult, if possible at all,
>> to perform basic tasks like connecting to wireless networks and mounting
>> USB flash drives.
>> There is a reason that we have been constantly delaying R14--that is to
>> make sure R14 is a high quality, stable release.
>> Tim
> Hi,
> Of course, the introduction of the new hardware platform is not what
> causes problems and yes, over the time and releases, R14 will get back to
> the reliability of
> But with all the renaming issues (which does not improve TDE at all), a
> lot of dev time has been used, and this time
> would have been better used for things that are not under the hood only.
> The current TDE look-and-feel was great in Win XP era, but time has
> changed. Interfaces have evolved, sometimes for the worse (MS office
> ribbon...) and sometimes for the better (Win 7 and parts of KDE 4). I am
> sure that there is some things to do to refresh TDE, but it needs some
> openness from the TDE dev team.
> Some pop-ups could be made less intrusive, some widgets could be made to
> be less Win95-like and many little details could change, just to make sure
> that TDE doesn't die over the time because it was frozen forever in 2005.
> MATE has already improved its theming and color scheme to refresh its
> appearance. Their website is more attractive, and it doesn't means that it
> has removed features to MATE or that their website is unusable.
> -Alexandre

If you think TDE can be improved in specific ways please let us know, I
know at least I am open to this!  However, we will not change TDE just for
the sake of "modern looks" (typically rather ugly IMHO) or just for the
sake of change--the proposed modification needs to have some solid thought
behind it as to how it will benefit TDE's users on a functional level.