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For starters, look at the number of reported crashes from the threaded
components of the 3.5.13.x series.  Those reports *cannot* be fixed
without the major threading changes made in TQt3 for R14.0.0.  Just
because something is stable on your system does not mean that it will be
stable on someone else's system if threading is involved. ;-)  Also keep
in mind that R14 finally gets rid of HAL (and in fact uses many modern
services for mounting, network management, etc.)--without those changes,
TDE users would find it increasingly more difficult, if possible at all,
to perform basic tasks like connecting to wireless networks and mounting
USB flash drives.
I am using trinity 4:14 and I am having problems mounting my Samsung phone & tablet. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, and when I plug it in I get thewindow to open in a New Window, and the header shows Samsung Elextronics GT-1910, when it is an SCH-1535. When I click Open in WIndow, it opens a Konq window with this in the Location:
system:/media/Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd GT-I9100 Phone [Galaxy S II], GT-P7500 [Galaxy Tab 10.1]
with 2 folders showing Store_0010001 and store_0020002 and an about.txt file and a summary.txt file. The summary file has this at the top:

Manufacturer: SAMSUNG Electronics Co. Ltd.
Model: SCH-I535
  Version: V1.0
  Serial Number: blanked, it is my serial no..
Vendor Extension ID: 0x6 (1.0)
Vendor Extension Description: microsoft.com: 1.0; microsoft.com/WMPPD: 11.0; microsoft.com/WMPPD: 10.0; microsoft.com/WMDRMPD:10.1; microsoft.com/playready:1.10; samsung.com/kies:2.0

here are some of the trinity packages installed..

dpkg -l|grep trinity
ii  kamera-trinity                              4:14.0.0-r235-0ubuntu13.04.0+pr11      amd64        digital camera io_slave for Konqueror
ii  kappfinder-trinity                          4:14.0.0-r1217-0ubuntu13.04.0+pr30     amd64        non-KDE application finder for KDE
ii  kate-trinity                                4:14.0.0-r1217-0ubuntu13.04.0+pr30     amd64        advanced text editor for KDE
ii  kcontrol-trinity                            4:14.0.0-r1217-0ubuntu13.04.0+pr30     amd64        control center for KDE
ii  kdesktop-trinity                            4:14.0.0-r1217-0ubuntu13.04.0+pr

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