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Month: November 2013

Re: [trinity-users] "Improving"/"Modernizing" the Look of TDE Considered Harmful

From: Michael Henry <bromichaelhenry@...>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2013 09:15:15 -0600
> <SNIP>
> I suspect that many people -- experienced Unix/Linux users --
> choose TDE and stay with it because they have similar preferences.
> If that's true, then "improving"/"modernizing" its UI could
> actually result in a loss of users.
> I apologize for my bluntness here.  I don't mean to tread on
> anyone's toes.  I'm 68 years old and don't have time anymore to
> sugar-coat things.  Linux is a superb adjunct to the human mind.
> It's vital for that to continue.
>   Mark

Well said, Mark. I despise Win 7/8 for the reasons you mention. I'm
just forced to use them. The ONLY thing that TDE could change is
support in the kicker for larger icons (to make it more Xandros

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